World leading team and partners...

cornerstoned by the University of Adelaide in collaboration with 5 leading universities in the ARC Graphene Hub


Profound opportunity to reshape multi billion dollar global markets...

underpinned by exclusive IP harnessing graphene as a new super material


Developing ground breaking technologies...

across our two core divisions in Environment & Sustainability and Bio-Medical & Health


Unique leverage to graphene’s potential:

well funded with commercialisation underway


Next generation hydrogen technology to deliver commercially viable Sparc Green Hydrogen…

via Sparc Hydrogen, a Joint Venture company formed with the University of Adelaide


Sparc Technologies

Sharecafe – Investor Webinar

11 MAR 2022

Sparc Technologies Limited (ASX:SPN) is a South Australian based company that is focussing on the development of innovative technology solutions.

Graphene, which can be extracted from graphite, is a 2-dimensional nano material made of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern which gives it unique and powerful properties that, with the right technology, can be imparted on products to improve performance.

Sparc Green Hydrogen technology does not require solar and/or wind farms, nor electrolysis as with conventional green hydrogen – only a photocatalyst and solar radiation.

Sparc Technologies has licenced technologies from the University of Adelaide and will focus on commercialising technologies for large industrial markets.

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SparcTech_SPN (ASX:SPN)

🗞️ Via @StockheadAU "Sparc now has a clear path towards commercial production of #graphene-based #additives with significant progress made in a number of key business areas." $ $SPN #Sparc #coatings #composites #anticorrosive #greentech #ASX…


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