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Sparc is creating a greener future

Sparc Technologies Limited (ASX:SPN) is pioneering new technologies in graphene coatings and composites, green hydrogen and sodium-ion batteries to help deliver a more sustainable world


Get to know Sparc Technologies' New Managing Director Nick O'Loughlin

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Sparc Set to Commercially Manufacture Graphene Based Additives

Sparc has developed the know-how to commercially manufacture Graphene Based Additives. A manufacturing site has been commissioned and is now in active production of EcoSparc.

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Sparc is developing a portfolio of sustainable technologies focused on the Renewable Energy sector


Renewable Energy

Sparc is at the forefront of innovation in the renewable energy sector, pioneering a dynamic portfolio of sustainable technologies designed to reshape the future of energy production and storage. Our commitment to a greener planet is evident through our focus on three cutting-edge projects: green hydrogen, graphene materials, and sodium-ion batteries.

Green hydrogen production process

Sparc Green Hydrogen

Globally disruptive green hydrogen technology being developed by Sparc Technologies, Fortescue Future Industries and the University of Adelaide

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Harnessing the unique properties of graphene to deliver superior performing products

Graphene is a 2D material made of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice which creates unique and powerful properties capable of transforming and disrupting global industries.

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graphene composite material

Ecosparc – Graphene Composites

Sparc has developed expertise and know how in the ability to add graphene to polymers typically employed in the Coatings industry.  This expertise and know how is now being used to explore opportunities for graphene inclusion for polymers employed in Construction sector.  In support of this objective, Sparc has joined Swinburne University in a 3 year research program aimed at delivering SMART COMPOSITES, i.e., enhanced polymeric systems that can also be monitored for performance in real time.

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graphene manufacturing

Graphene Manufacturing

  • A very real impediment to the adoption of graphene has been the issue of the safe handling and commercial manufacture of graphene based materials. Sparc Technologies has developed the know-how that supports the safe commercial scale manufacture of graphene based products.  This manufacturing know how also serves to ensure the production of graphene based products exhibiting homogenous dispersion.
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Concrete strengthened with graphene

Private: Ecosparc – Graphene Concrete

  • With the support of Newcastle University, Sparc is continuing its research program aimed at quantify the benefits associated with graphene inclusion into cementitious materials.  Our unique understanding of graphene characteristics and behaviour will ultimately see Sparc deliver graphene based additives that align with industry practice for the manufacture and use of cementitious materials.
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Sparc has the technical and corporate expertise to transition emerging technologies from concept to commercialisation

A graphene lattice

Graphene, Next Generation Supermaterial

Sparc has the know-how that supports the safe handling and commercial manufacture of Graphene Based Additives.

Sparc’s Graphene Based Additives are developed for targeted applications in the Marine and Protective Coatings market.

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Supporting our world leading team of Graphene and renewable energy experts is a highly experienced Board of Directors

Sparc Technologies worldwide operating locations

Highly experienced board and management with world-leading commercialisation, graphene and renewable energy expertise. Sparc’s management team extends internationally with offices now open in North America and Europe.

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World leading partners like global renewable energy leader Fortescue Future Industries



Sparc has a strategic relationship and exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Adelaide, a world leader in graphene and renewable energy research, as well as partnerships with many other world-leading Australian Universities. In February 2022, Sparc entered into a joint venture agreement with Fortescue Future Industries (ASX:FMG), the global leader in green hydrogen.

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Fortescue is a Sparc Technologies partner

Sparc is seeking to reshape multi-dollar global markets by employing exclusive IP

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