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Sparc is creating a greener future

Sparc Technologies Limited (ASX:SPN) is pioneering new technologies in green hydrogen, graphene coatings and composites and sodium-ion batteries to help deliver a more sustainable world


Ecosparc: Corrosion Defence Revolutionised

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MST Access Analyst Report - Disrupting and Transforming Industry

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Sparc is developing a portfolio of sustainability linked technologies


Renewable Energy

Sparc is at the forefront of innovation in the renewable energy sector, pioneering a dynamic portfolio of sustainable technologies designed to reshape the future of energy production and storage. Our commitment to a greener planet is evident through our focus on cutting-edge projects in green hydrogen and sodium-ion batteries.

Green hydrogen production process

Green Hydrogen

Globally disruptive green hydrogen technology being developed by Sparc Technologies, Fortescue Future Industries and the University of Adelaide.

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Sodium Ion Battery technology

Sodium-Ion Batteries

We’re developing a revolutionary process for producing hard carbon anode materials for SIBs from low-cost, sustainably sourced green bio-waste, shaping the future of eco-friendly energy storage solutions in Australia.

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Graphene Materials

Graphene, a two-dimensional material composed of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, possesses extraordinary properties that have the potential to revolutionise and reshape industries worldwide. Dive into the forefront of graphene innovation with Sparc Technologies’ groundbreaking projects, ecosparc and composites.



ecosparc is a graphene-based additive developed on the back of >5 years of research and development designed to seamlessly enhance the performance of marine and protective coatings for steel infrastructure.

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graphene composite material


Sparc has developed expertise and know how in the ability to add graphene to polymers within composites which target enhancements in flexibility, strength, conductivity and elasticity.

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Sparc is seeking to reshape multi-billion dollar global markets by employing exclusive IP

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