Sparc Technologies

Sparc Technologies Limited (ASX:SPN) is a South Australian based company that is focussing on the development of innovative technology solutions using the unique properties of graphene.

Graphene, which can be extracted from graphite, is a 2-dimensional nano material made of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern which gives it unique and powerful properties that, with the right technology, can be imparted on products to improve performance.

Sparc Technologies has licenced graphene-based technologies from the University of Adelaide, a leading institution in the field of graphene research, and will focus on commercialising graphene-based technologies for large industrial markets for marine and protective coatings and environmental remediation.


Exclusive licences...

to commercialise Graphene technologies developed by world leading University of Adelaide


Three initial advanced target markets...

Coatings, Environmental and Metals Extraction from Tailings


Aiming to enter multi-billion dollar markets...

developing products with substantial efficiencies, savings and revolutionary applications


5+ years of R&D...

conducted by the University of Adelaide and Australian Graphene Hub


Technology under commercial development...

which is targeted at significant large-scale global industrial customer markets

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