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Globally disruptive green hydrogen technology being developed by Sparc Technologies, Fortescue and the University of Adelaide

No electrolyser required
Flexible and scalable infrastructure
Huge potential to deliver industry leading costs
No wind or solar PV farms
Best-in-class partners

The current problems with green hydrogen production via electrolysis

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Cost - Green hydrogen production is still relatively expensive compared to fossil fuel-based alternatives due to high electricity and equipment costs.
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Infrastructure - Building the necessary electricity infrastructure for large scale green hydrogen production via electrolysis is a significant challenge.
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Efficiency - Current electrolyser technologies have relatively low efficiencies which leads to increased cost of hydrogen production.
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Scale-Up Challenges - Scaling up electrolysers represents a significant technological and cost challenge.
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Policy and Regulation - Balancing variable renewable energy input whilst achieving 100% green hydrogen certification remains an issue for the electrolysis industry.
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Supply Chain - The industry has yet to establish a reliable and sustainable supply chain for electrolysers and balance of plant.

The solution… photocatalysis

Sparc Hydrogen-Infographic showing photocatalytic water splitting process

How photocatalytic water splitting works

Photocatalytic water splitting (PWS) is an alternative method of producing renewable green hydrogen without electricity. 

In photocatalysis, the suns energy on a highly specialised photocatalyst material automatically splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. 

Sparc Hydrogen is pioneering reactor technology with the aim of commercialising PWS for the production of green hydrogen at large scale.

Sparc Hydrogen Development Pathway

The Sparc Hydrogen Development Pathway

Sparc Hydrogen Unveils the Future of Green Hydrogen: PWS Project Update 2024

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Sparc Hydrogen - Water spitting reactor

Sparc Hydrogen's website is now live

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