Sparc Green Hydrogen

Sparc Green Hydrogen does not use solar PV and/or wind farms, nor electrolysis as with conventional green hydrogen – only a photocatalyst and solar radiation.

Revolutionary technology to transform global hydrogen production

  • Globally Disruptive “Sparc Green” Hydrogen technology developed by University of Adelaide and Flinders University
  • Hydrogen produced directly from sunlight and water in a single step process
  • Photocatalytic water splitting
  • Avoids conversion of solar or wind energy into electrical energy then into hydrogen in a green electrolysis process
  • Infrastructure requirements less than green electrolysis
  • No large scale wind or solar PV farms required
  • Potentially lower land / area requirements
  • Opportunity for scalable deployment
  • Zero carbon process
  • Further research & development work is targeting a system with industry leading costs

Sparc Green Hydrogen Benefits

Lower CAPEX- large wind and/or solar PV farms not required

Lower OPEX – single step technology; no electricity required

Potential to be adopted on a smaller scale with a smaller land footprint

Can be utilised directly on location e.g. mine sites, industrial locations and domestically