Why Graphene? - Understanding It's Properties and Applications

Why Graphene?

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A graphene lattice
High Surface Area

Graphene has very high surface area per unit weight

Super Conductive

Possesses high electron mobility

Anti Microbial

Remarkable bactericidal activity


200x stronger than steel


Retains elasticity and flexibility despite strength

Broad Application

Graphene’s remarkable properties allow it to be applied to a broad range of raw materials


Not all graphene is the same - graphene must be “functionalised” for specific purposes


Good affinity with non-polar systems

A pile of graphene

How Graphene is made

There is a variety of ways of making graphene, utilising different feedstocks. 


Graphite – Various methods of graphite exfoliation isolate single to few layers of graphene. The properties of graphene obtained from this method is variable both in its physical form and associated applications. 

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) – Utilised for graphene manufacture of high purity, where performance requirements are high.


Biomass – Graphene and graphene like materials can be sourced from a variety of biomass sources via pyrolysis.

You don't need much of it!

Positive impacts of graphene can be realised with addition rates as low as 0.1% by weight.

It's more conductive than graphite

Graphene is much more conductive than graphite due to the availability of electrons to carry charge.

It's super strong!

Addition of graphene increases strength, flexibility and elasticity.

It's a superconductor

Addition of graphene to something increases heat and electrical conduction.

Fun Fact:

The surface area from one gram of graphene is enough to cover roughly 3 basketball courts.

Sparc’s Unique Graphene Position

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Greater than 5 years of testing of graphene in coatings and polymers.
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Formulation of commercially applicable graphene based additives.
graphene application icon
Comprehensive testing facility delivering industry recognised data in coatings and composites.
graphene manufacturing facility
Commercial graphene based additive production facility.
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Sparc is not a graphene producer, beholden to a single source of material.
graphene manufacturing knowledge
Intellectual Property barriers and protection in place.
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The Sparc Advantage


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