Graphene: A New Generation Supermaterial

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a 2D material made of carbon attoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice which creates unique and powerful properties capable of transforming and disrupting global industries.

Properties of Graphene

Sparc’s Target Graphene Applications

Source:, Australian Graphene Industry Association

Coating Industries

Sparc technologies graphene enhanced coatings have the potential to enhance billion dollar markets

Graphene and Coatings1

  • Graphene as a performance additive in marine, aerospace and industrial applications of coatings
  • Graphene’s unique features provide added benefit to coatings;
  • Unique anti-corrosion qualities
  • Superior hydrophobic qualities
  • Chemical repulsion
  • Improved drag efficiency
  • Exceptional UV protection
  • Fire-resistance
  • Improved electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Anti-microbial benefits
  • SPN has patents pending to target and disrupt marine,
    anti-corrosive and anti-microbial coatings markets globally

Water Purification and Soil Remediation

Proven application of water and soil remediation to be utilised at environmentally contaminated sites

Pollution Remediation

  • The potential applications of graphene in pollution remediation are adsorption, membrane separation, catalysis and environmental analysis
  • The adsorption efficiency of graphene adsorbents largely depends on its surface area, porous structure, oxygen-containing groups and other functional groups, adsorption conditions, and also the properties of adsorbates1
  • SPN has identified potential applications of water purification and soil remediation
  • Australia alone has an estimated 160,000 contaminated sites with as many as 75,000 different contaminants2

Global Patent Pending

PCT/AU2016/05041– Water Purification and Soil Remediation– water purification, oil removal from water, soil remediation

1Research Gate, Yang et al.
2Sector Study on Environmental Services: Environmental Damage Remediation Services, Oct 2017

  • SPN has identified how graphene can contribute to PFAS clean up and is undergoing proof of concept test work to prove up the application for:
  • Containment of PFAS using graphene
  • Destruction of PFAS using graphene is potentially transformational

Metals in Tailings

Estimated US$1 trillion worth of precious metals sitting in mine tailings1

Graphene and Soil Remediation

Market Size
  • Graphene can be utilised to separate specific metals from tailings dams and waste ore on mine sites
  • UA has existing IP on 3D graphene composites that enable SPN to target the removal of precious metals
  • SPN to work with partners in the mining industry to develop optimum solutions
  • Added environmental benefits of removal of metals from soils on local waterways
  • Estimates that there is approximately US$1T worth of precious metals already extracted from the ground, sitting at old mining sites globally1
  • Opportunity to work with local mining industry
  • Initial Focus on Precious and Base Metals