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Unlocking the properties of graphene
to transform global industries

The potential of graphene to enhance the performance of industrial materials is well documented.

However the ability to safely, affordably and effectively apply the technology has remained elusive – until now.

Sparc Technologies has developed additives that exploit the power of graphene for a wide range of protective and marine coating applications.

Let us demonstrate how we can partner with you to implement cost effective solutions to enhance your products and deliver more sustainable outcomes.

Partner with us to unlock the power of graphene in your products

Our industry-leading team of global protective & marine coatings experts have developed technology solutions that uncomplicate the process of adding graphene to your products.

We are not a raw material supplier, we provide commercially viable technology solutions that make graphene work for you and your products.

Sparc Technologies has limited partnership opportunities available for organizations wishing to unlock the transformational properties of graphene in their protective and marine coatings range.

Reach out and a member of our industry-leading team will be in touch.

Forget everything you think you know about graphene

Steel coated with graphene protective coating

Graphene has been touted as a super material since it was first discovered almost 20 years ago. Until now the missing link has been an effective and affordable way to apply its incredible properties in a commercial setting.

Closing this gap has been the focus behind Sparc Technologies. Our unrivalled graphene expertise has been successfully applied to creating a range of commercially viable Graphene Based Additives.

Take the worry out of understanding how to integrate graphene into your product suite and partner with us in delivering industry leading solutions.

Meet the Team

Pioneering technology for a greener world

A windmill with graphene blades

Suitable for use across a range of protective and marine applications, our Graphene Based Additives are delivering stronger, more durable coatings.

Extending life to first maintenance of assets not only brings significant commercial benefits, but it’s all part of Sparc’s commitment to creating technology for a greener world.

We develop industry leading solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of global industries, with complimentary technologies across graphene, hydrogen production and energy storage.

Sparc Green Hydrogen

Don't risk being left behind

Speak to us about how we can unlock the power of Graphene for your range of products.

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