Coatings for Hydrogen Storage & Transport

  • Cost effective storage and transport of hydrogen is a significant barrier to widescale adoption as a clean fuel
  • Metal embrittlement and leaks at high pressures currently limits utilisation of existing gas distribution infrastructure for hydrogen use
  • Sparc has ongoing R&D projects looking at developing protective coatings for high pressure hydrogen storage and transport infrastructure
  • Substantial market opportunity exists when considering that 39,000km of high pressure gas pipelines exist in Australia alone

Graphene Applications in Next-Gen Batteries

  • Sparc is evaluating opportunities to produce sustainably sourced graphene and graphene-like materials for battery applications
  • Key focus areas for incorporating graphene in next generation, high performance batteries include:
    • Graphene additives for increased power performance of lithium ion batteries
    • Graphene additives for providing structural stability in next generation silicon anodes
    • Novel graphene based materials for sodium ion, zinc ion and lithium sulfur battery chemistries
    • Graphene-like material as a substitute for current graphite anodes