Commercial Manufacture of Graphene Based Additive Coatings Products

Sparc set to commercially manufacture graphene based additive products


  • Commercial manufacturing process developed for the production of graphene based additive products
  • Specialised graphene based additive manufacturing equipment identified, trialled and ordered
  • Manufacturing site located
  • Graphene based additive samples from manufacturing trials now available for customer testing

Sparc’s Flagship ecosparc range ready for the Coatings Industry

The addressable coatings market for Sparc’s ecosparc products is estimated to be US$44bn by 2025.

  • Sparc’s ecosparc products for anticorrosive epoxy coatings, deliver a 40% improvement in anticorrosive performance
  • The coatings used in testing, to industry standards, are amongst those commercially available from leading coatings manufacturers
  • Sparc is currently in discussions with global paint companies with the objective to secure formal collaborative technical agreements as the precursor to commercial agreements
  • By extending the life of a coating to first maintenance;
    • Significant reduction in installed coatings costs can be realized, and
    • Serves to support ESG objectives for coatings companies

Coating Industries – Sparc Product Performance

  • Sparc’s Graphene Based Additives improve the performance of coatings by 73%* compared to industry standard coatings
  • Sparc’s Graphene Based Additives improve the performance of coatings by completely destructing the E-Coli bacteria compared to the same coating type containing no graphene
The coatings enhanced with Sparc’s Graphene Based Additives have demonstrated the potential to improve the performance of a low cost commodity product
The coatings enhanced with Sparc’s Graphene Based Additives have potential applications in areas for the control of bacterial growth on surfaces such as; hospitals, public areas, food preparation facilities, drinking water systems, antifouling for shipping and coating for wastewater systems

Coating Industries

Sparc Technologies Graphene Based Additives have the potential to enhance billion dollar markets

Graphene and Coatings1

  • Graphene as a performance additive in marine, aerospace and industrial applications of coatings
  • Graphene’s unique features provide added benefit to coatings;
  • Unique anti-corrosion qualities
  • Improved drag efficiency
  • Anti-microbial benefits
  • Superior hydrophobic qualities
  • Chemical repulsion
  • Exceptional UV protection
  • Fire-resistance
  • Improved electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Anti-microbial benefits
  • SPN has exclusive access to patented technology to enable targeting of the above markets globally

Andrew Smith

Technical Manager – Coatings

Andrew is a development chemist specialising in Heavy Duty Coatings, specifically, the development and testing of anti-corrosive coatings. Andrew has held senior regional technical management roles for AkzoNobel (world leader in coatings with brands including International, Chartek, Sikkens, Awlgrip, Devoe), in Australia, Asia and the Americas.

These roles involved responsibility for product development, testing and integrity, as well as Technical Support functions. Andrew most recently has been involved in implementing major restructuring initiatives for AkzoNobel, including rationalisation of manufacturing capability in the South Asia region.